As I contemplate how deep..
The devotion between us means it .defines the monogamy we share.between these sheets.
I’m assured in my mind,body and soul. That you have everything I need and want he’s taken me away from my priorities and commitments he’s got papers on me. Something like twisted and vindictive. Hes got papers on me physically, mentally and sexually he’s got papers on me financially, verbally, and emotionally. He’s got papers on me I only exist in his thoughts. He’s got papers on me my love for you enhances my visions of understanding he’s got papers on me. Whenever I’m alone with him I crave your bitterness my baby boy he’s got papers on me. Until the point of self control he’s got papers on me at times I feel trapped please untie the chains of bondage he’s got papers on me I must break away to be set free

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