‘Here, there be Dragons’ By Tom Frye

In this Mythic Fantasy series, the Havelock Emerald is an Irish pub located in the small suburb of Havelock, Nebraska. The Emerald’s iconic stained-glass window, depicting a black dragon carrying a bright green emerald in its talons, was gifted to Billy Connors by a Gypsy Chieftain back in Ireland years ago. In the pub is a gateway to an alternate reality. Old Billy is an Irish gunrunner and the gatekeeper linking this world with the alternative realms beyond. The first two books in the series sets the stage for the main characters’ interaction with Billy and his “waystation” to the Otherworld.

Enter the main character, 11-year-old Lucas Holland, a foster kid with a real bad disposition, who meets a foster dog with an even worse attitude than his. When Lucas, the son of the president of a notorious biker club, is placed in foster care due to an altercation between his dad and his mom, he ends up in the home of a police officer. He seeks revenge against the old Irishman, Billy Connors, and ends up taking a baseball bat to his enormous stained-glass window in order to get back at the old man.

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