‘Escaping Transylvanian Vampirism To The West’ By Olga LAZIN

Memoirs of A Transylvanian American Language Professor from Maramures County, Romania. Life in Communist Romania, with compromised Securitate officers and Professors of History. One TV channel only, and false patriotism and nationalism on display daily for 45 years. Complete surveillance on all dissidents. Finally escaped it by trial and tribulations, only to relieve those feelings of systemic abuse during the Trump presidency, and the Russian involvement, as well as hacking of Emails at University of California Los Angeles. The Cold War has been reset in 2012 by Putin all over again, but this time, I am on the other side of the Ocean. I lived pretty much in 3 systems: communist, socialist, and capitalist, and know the advantages and pitfalls of all of them. The Illustrated memoirs of Dr Olga Lazin, an Academic coach based in Los Angeles, bring a fresh perspective on how the USA has become the leader of the Not-for-Private-Profit civic and Civil Society. Her angling is completely different and brings about justice to a post-traumatic September 11 world, in which we have to be vigilant in order to keep our human rights intact. The Ceausescu dictatorship did not mark the end of communism in Romania, instead socialist nomenclature hijacked the youngster’s revolution and the PSD party has taken the reigns of a totally corrupt country, and is driving it into the ground. Autonomous movements are present in Transylvania, and we can now observe from a distance the convulsions of a dying, archaic apoptosis in Old Europe. A new cycle of nationalism is resurging in the whole world, and leaders are again singing the protectionist song, while Britain has withdrawn from the European Union, and America, more precisely Trump is trying to drown NAFTA (The North American Free Trade Agreement) which had been very beneficial for California. The Russian’s trolls interference in the electoral process is deja-vu for Dr Lazin. We are now uniting with Blockchain technology producers to protect information from the Russians, and Chinese alike. We now use Blockchain for digital security, land and house records, as well as for helping refugees and immigrants fleeing disreputable regimes. A new Era has started, and Dr Lazin’s trials and tribulations are a savory example of how hope and spiritual growth can fortify a Professor of History to seek higher grounds in beautiful and sunny California.

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