‘Echoes Through Time’ By Eon

Jamie Lee was born with a unique ability, but growing up, she didn’t understand it. She would hear voices in her head, and see things that others couldn’t see. Her parents and doctors believed she was suffering from schizophrenia, and she was given medication to help control her symptoms. But in doing so, also suppressed her powers. As she got older, she learned to suppress her powers herself, but it still caused her to experience hallucinations and delusions. She became isolated and withdrawn, and her condition angered her. She realized that the voices she had been hearing were the “Echoes” of these trapped souls. With her new understanding of her ability, she started using it to help these souls find closure and move on to the afterlife. One day, she discovered that she had the power to travel through the Horizon Of Time and enter the Ethereal plane, where she could communicate with the souls of the deceased. These souls were trapped in a state of limbo, unable to move on to the afterlife because they were holding on to something from their past. She started to use her ability to travel through time to relive the lives of the souls she helped, and she discovered that by reliving their past she could help them understand the reasons they were stuck and guide them to the afterlife.

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