‘Dulce’ By Jessica Parrish

Although only 16, Dulce is not her mother’s daughter, so to speak. To her, her mom is her world. Her strength, her reason for being the person who she is growing into. Ducle knows that her mom deserves so much more than the toxic situation that they are seemingly stuck in.
Even after she practically laid down her own life to save her mother’s, her mom still chose to stay with her abuser. Feeling alone, rejected and fed up, Dulce knows that there is so much more to this world then this fight or flight lifestyle.
Deciding that she’s had enough, she makes the split decision to leave. Her young age be damned. She knows she is worth more, deserves more. She will be the one to break this generational pattern of abuse even if she has to struggle on her own along the way.

This short story is just the tip of the iceberg. This new generation of young people are just the fighters and advocates that we need to begin to end the cycles of abuse and trauma. I am honored to be able to tell this delicate story through a strong, empowered female character.

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