‘Compassionate Woman – A Story of How Gender-Based Events Shape the Mind, Body and Soul’ By Payton Hayes

I never thought I’d look back on the events in my life and put two and two together to see that everything makes sense, everything has happened for a reason, and everything that has happened, has directly impacted my life, then, now and forever. In this memoir, Ill recount my own past experiences of what it has been like to be a woman in the 21st century. I’ll also include the commentary and stories of my female friends. Lastly, I will include the juxtaposing views of the men in my life who are closest to me. I do not aim to hurt anyone or make someone feel any kind of way with this information – these are my own experiences and perceptions of them. Take from them what you will, but exercise compassion, understanding, and acceptance of my story, and view it against your own.

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