‘Colin’s Choice’ By Keighley Miller

The Chosen are highly prized for their collective value as harbingers of change, as well as protectors of time – without them, the history of the world could have occurred quite differently. However, to be Chosen is not without its sacrifices. In Colin Waters’ case, his sacrifice was not made by any choice of his own. After years of traumatic training to prepare for a once-in-a-lifetime chance to jump through time, Colin is jaded to the process, and resentful of his coveted role as one of Drostmeyer’s Chosen. Despite his failure to complete the jump early in life, he is still required to attempt again, until he is successful, or until he is dead. Now that the time has come for his next chance, he is at a crossroads – will he be able to complete the expectations that are required of him? In this point of his story, accompany Colin through his process to prepare for this second chance – and expect the unexpected.

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