‘Child Of The Ghetto(short)’ By Shadenia Sivad

To underestimate “A Child of the Ghetto” is by far the most foolish thing one can do.
The Child of the Ghetto is not a trend, it is a lifestyle turned statement.
No one wakes up and dreams to live in the ghetto beside the lost American kids secretly rapping the N word at the top of their lungs.
For some of us the only gardens we see is in our imaginations.
But see that’s the magic.
To live in hell and still find its beauty; that’s power
To have the audacity to dream and imagine a way out; that’s magic
But to be hopeful and empty-handed now that is Godly.
Only a few are divinely designed to live in the ghetto
We are not accidents, incidents or some mistake
We are more than harsh realities.
We’re tailored different; designed to bear what others cannot withstand, designed to find possibilities where others refuse to go and look.
We make way with the impossible.
No one wishes to be here so pardoned our pride, not in the conditions but in our resilience.
To count out the children of the ghetto is to count out some of the most creative disciples in the bible.
Jesus was born in the ghetto. Moses came out of the ghetto. Even Buddha had to go to the ghetto to be enlightened……

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