‘Chess Moves ‘ By Michael Walker-Thomas

It was on his mind most of the time, a time when most will go left or right. Young Lamont Barker will have to make that decision. Lamont is an 18
year old senior, and in the fall he will be attending college, “Which one shall I choose” says Lamont to himself. Lamont has a group of friends consisting of the cool crowd and the “smart crowd”. In life we all have to make big decisions, this story is Lamont’s.
When Lamont was younger, he would always com- pete, whether it was in sports, game shows or racing

Michael Walker-Thomas
with his father. Lamont grew up with his two parents, but no siblings, so he leaned on making new friends or just hanging with Mom and Dad.
“Hey Lamont remember in fourth grade when you had to decide which club you wanted to be in?” his Mom said.
“Yes Mom, but this is college. This is the biggest deci- sion of my life.” Lamont says. As Lamont’s Dad walks in, Lamont starts to huff and puff. “Mom, Dad, you two don’t get it. There is a lot of pressure on me. Half of my friends are going to Prep University and the other half are going to State University.” Lamont says.
“Well son, I can tell you one thing, me and your mother did not go to college, but we worked so hard for you. It is a blessing that you even have this deci- sion to make.” his Dad says.
“Dad, I love Prep and I love State, but Prep is the top school in the country and that would be a great

Chess Moves
opportunity for me.” Lamont says. Lamont has been a straight A student since he was young. He never received anything lower than an A. “At state I can keep playing chess and also get into a great Doctoral program.” Lamont says. Lamont’s dream is to be a medical doctor, like the ones he sees on TV. “Chicago Med, The Good Doctor, Grey’s Anatomy, I just want to be like them but better.” Lamont says.
Prep University is the number one school in the coun- try. Prestige doctors, lawyers and many political fig- ures have gone there. Lamont got in to Prep and he is ready. Prep is known for its tough classes, but you also have to get almost a perfect on your SAT. Lamont got a perfect on his SAT and Prep accepted him. The only problem with Prep is that it is considered the “nerd school” to his friends. Only three of Lamont’s friends are going there. The other seven of his friends are all going to State University.

Michael Walker-Thomas
State is a good school, but it’s no Prep. State is a school most get into and it is considered the party school. Lamont knows he has a big decision to make. Should he go to State and be like most of his friends, or should he go to Prep, be looked at like he is perfect, but also receive the best education in the world. This is Lamont’s decision, this is about Chess Moves, this is his life.
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