‘”Broken Bonds”: This title emphasizes the loss and separation that the main character has experienced, with the broken bonds referring to the family ties that have been shattered.’ By Numara Hassan

I’m writing a short narrative about a young Poland boy who lost his mother, father, and infant sister, and who now feels anguish. The narrative is the most tragic since it contains a very close personal link for me. My grandfather was a concentration camp survivor. He was now residing in Australia when he tragically went away on September 12, 2016. This piece is written in honour to him. the young boy by the name of Jakob Hassan.

This short novella is divided into three manageable portions.

I wrote three distinct chapters, each starting with the story of my grandfather, who was kidnapped from his family, brought to a camp, and only managed to escape death by doing so.

I want to spread his story and it’s moral purpose.

Published and entirely written by

Numair Hassan.

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