‘Blood lust’ By Bubles

This story is about a young orphan boy who meets Mr.Ambrose in a meeting and admired Mr.Ambrose so much that he convince his legal guardian to let him work for Mr.Ambrose. When the proposal arrive to Ambrose he accepted it but the poor orphan boy came to sense some abnormal behavior like Mr.Abrose will keep his lights on all night indicating he doesn’t really sleep but nevertheless his face is always shining. He never seemed tired but there’s always a darkness in his eyes. One day the poor orphan saw a lady leaving Mr. Ambrose room. When the boy inspect who she was he was meet with disgusting thoughts of Mr. Ambrose who said she’s just for fun. Even after hearing all this the boy tried to convince him to marry the girl or leave her. When Mr.Ambrose didn’t listen he was so disgusted with Ambrose that he immediately left and informed the girl about the intention of Mr. Ambrose. On his way back he got tired and rested in a small village for the night. There he met Sofia, she was very friendly and always smiling. She was the only one who helped poor orphan and let him stay at her house with her family. She used to talk alot to the orphan, She talked about myth and all the stories the villagers believed in, the one who lurks in the dark and lives on blood of others, how they say it never sleeps and has strength of a lion, it reminded the orphan of Mr. Ambrose but he didn’t gave it much thought.The orphan couldn’t help but fall for her kindness, her beauty and so much more. Meanwhile his stay become longer than he intended. So at the 7 day he got the msg that his sister is sick. He without a though left to get home at night. Everyone tried to make him stopped from leaving at night but the orphan boy was filled with worried about his only true family his sister. Even Sofia’s couldn’t stop the youth. While he drove toward his destination, the rain started pouring and could were thundering. But even the thunder couldn’t hide the screams of the girl. The boy quickly stopped his car and yelled who is it? Does anyone need help? The scream came again the more the girl scream the more boy started to recognize the voice of this girl. He hurriedly followed the scream while his clothes were soaking wet, slowly he reached an old broken house from where the faint criea of help were coming without a second thought he went in and yelled “who is it? Anyone here?” The scream or the cries were gone but the boy kept on walking inside when suddenly someone grabbed the boy from behind then threw him down to the floor with supernatural strength. I’m the dark it wasn’t possible to see who is it the creature put it feet on his chest in an attempt to break his ribs the pain was getting more when a light flicker. A torch light. The creature quickly went away leaving the boy while some people came with torch and helped the boy and some people chase the creature. When the boy saw what was beside him he became pale. The girl he thought he loved, the sweet Sofia lies lifeless next to him. The boy came back and Mourne the death of his love. Following morning he left the village but on his way back his car stopped working cursing the boy hit the car. Passing by Mr. Ambrose saw the boy and stopped his car even thought he refused to take his help Mr.Amborse convince the boy anyway on their way back the car’s tires were punctured the driver was changing them when some people came with guns and started threating Mr. Ambrose to leave the car and money. The boy was scared and ready to leave when Mr.Ambrose refuse to do so. The shooted at the second tire but Ambrose didn’t budge. The boy tried to convince him it was of no use the leader of the gang pointed the gun at him and there was no fear in Ambrose eyes losing his temper he shotted Ambrose he aimed for the arm but it got in to its abdomen the blood poured out and the leader was filled with fear the quickly abandoned them. The boy told the driver to help him take Mr. Ambrose to an hospital but Ambrose refused saying it’s too late now. And making him take an oath. He said to the boy promise you won’t tell anyone about what happened here?. This isn’t a good way to die for a business man. Please my friend protect my honour. There was something about Mr. Ambrose that made the boy said yes. With that he died in the car. While the boy and driver thought to bury him somewhere far away and so they went on far away the boy came and sat in the front seat because sitting alone with a dead body made him nausea. They land was clear so when they stopped the car first boy went to piss when came back he saw the body is missing his shocked boy asked the driver lied he buried it already. After the boy went on his home and then told his guardian everything about Ambrose they also said Mr. Ambrose had a quite bad history with woman the boy said everything except he kept his oath and didn’t told about his death. He greeted his sister who now was okay. After few months his sister insisted she wanted to go the party with him . At the party the boy was meet with the grey eyes of Mr. Ambrose who said “remember the oath?” knocking air out of his lungs he took his sister and ran away from the party. When she asked why he didn’t tell because of the oath. This oath and coming back of Ambrose drove him crazy. His health was getting bad the doctor said he isn’t well. His sister went to partied alone waitering as they were poor and without his brother she couldn’t afford to even eat. His brother won’t talk or show any affection but when the news of her sister marriage arrived his eyes were filled with the same warmth he once had when he asked who’s the groom she said. Oliver the brother didn’t knew who Oliver was so he asked her more about him when she told him it’s his friend Mr. Ambrose his eyes were filled with rage and told her not to marry the monster but when he was about to tell his sister. The whisper of Mr. Ambrose came to his ears making him shier and stopping. But he kept on insisting don’t marry him. But his sister was so in love because of Mr. Ambrose concern for her brother made her fall in love so bad. His brother tried to wrote a letter but the servant didn’t sent it. He was locked up in the room while his sister was getting engage but only one maid was there so he took the chance and ran to make the wedding stop but he was let with Mr. Ambrose before he could even leave who said oath. But he didn’t listen and started yelling about his reality that he isn’t a human. So Ambrose killed him . The maid and servant came and we’re to his cries. Soon he married his sister but like always the orphan girl gully the thrist of a vampire. He went again disappearing

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