‘Blades of warriors book 2 the black death 1346’ By Nathan B Vandrick

Two elves 4 enchanted swords and one known enemy and an army of monsters when the evil bloodthirsty wizard arrived in Europe in 1346 now controlling the devil’s stone bounding that to the stuff of elements and the water relic of the elements now bound to it as well, Europe lays waste to all that stands in his way, the red wizard creating and controlling armies of dragons hordes of monsters and now bringing sickness and death to the hundreds of thousands of millions of people in Europe “the black death” and the Mediterranean seas . Zandar Vandrick an elf ranger alongside him, his rogue brother Zad Vandrick and their trusted companions find themselves in a wasteland of destruction, sickness and death, their blades hack and Slash and their feet trample the wastelands of Europe even they may not survive the black death of 1346 and the Wizards army.

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