‘”Aries and Maya”‘ By William Louis McDonald

In this science fiction tale from 1997 Orange County Sheriff’s Sergeant, Pete Famuli, in command of the Sheriff’s Harbor Patrol Station, undertakes a daring rescue at sea during a winter storm.

What he and the Orange County Lifeguards team encounter during that operation will forever change Pete’s life–not only out in the choppy, briny swells where strange critters glide effortlessly; but on land where his career path, livelihood, and sense of quiet personal peace has been forever disrupted. There is no way back to home.

WHO were those two orca killer whales? Who is the mysterious ‘Man in Black’ figures in the follow-up investigation? What is going on in America today and especially offshore? And what will become of Pete? Pete’s team? Pete’s family? Pete’s future?

Originally written for a contest thrown by the publishers of “Chicken Soup for the Ocean Lover’s Soul.” Though not selected, the feedback over the years for this family-friendly story (The only family friendly and non-political story in my collection of over thirty )and its author, me, a former US Marine, a former special forensics consultant to the LAPD, a regular recurring guest on the late Art Bell’s ‘Coast to Coast AM’ radio program with George Noory, and currently a detective and a badged state correctional officer in Arizona was amazing.

The ocean “‘X’-File” that is “Aries and Maya” introduces a saga concerning a politically and legally untouchable family of psychopaths that will span centuries into the future. Will Pete become yet another casualty in an on-going defensive war between Earth’s internationally recruited spec ops human forces and a collective agency of predatory extraterrestrials?

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