‘Angel’s Promise’ By Gayle Chancey

In the days of King Arthur it was many a good man’s dream to ride as a knight in the army of the king. Many a young wife received news of their knight falling in battle. Such was the fate of Lady Angelica De La Champagne. Her beloved Anthony was listed as dead and yet no body was found. De La Champagne property stretched nearly as wide as the English and Scottish border and many sought the hand of the young widow. A mysterious knight injured in battle carries scars to hideous to be seen is appointed to marry the young widow and secure the properties of De La Champagne for King Richard. Another Baron with more sinister motives seeks to murder her young son, the heir to the De La Champagne lands, and take the young widow for his own. Can Sir James and Sir Philip rescue her in time? Will the son and heir be saved or lost? Will love win? Chapters one and two of a novel

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