‘Angelika’ By Angiediazcervo

Once she understood that her name meant something and was tired of being used, she did not like her name. She found out about her name when she hired two-day workers and once told her that she would not be rich since her name did not have a B or a T or K. She remembers that her ex-boyfriend’s name had a B, and her ex-husband’s name had a T; well, thank God that her children’s name has a B, T. What about her so call siblings, yes their names had B and T except for her sister Dany and her brother Remps. Still, their spouse’s name has T and B. So she will change her name to Angelika ah ah, she knows she is creative and peace a great thing to have in your life.
Who wants to deal with a pandemic and jerks in their lives? No one! After much rest, she realized that some people need to be around the right people to be good and behave decently.
Angelika also realized that she got in trouble before because she thinks with her heart, not her mind; she needs to switch it to follow her purpose. You can not give what you do not have; therefore, you need to rest and regroup to get strong, which is a fact of life. You have to be safe in your bedroom and the place where you call home; someone can not come to your home and try to hurt you and get away with it. Some people are natural liars and try to make others believe their lies. Not everyone has the right intention and wants the best for you; therefore, be aware of people, even your blood relatives.

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