‘A tale of Kimbo ‘ By Djenabou Sow

African tribalism under dark magic on fire now,I am writing to inform you, of a new teenage African tribal fantasy fairy tale tribal folklore. Titled a tale of Kimbo, moon light spiritual, kingdom’s messenger; my computerized manuscript is composed of, ideas, finally ready for use, so let fantasy and the reading begin with black tribalism intolerance unto creatures, magic and fantasy type in ancient royal Africa.
Student Alpha is going to encounter weird happenings in his homeland Guinea, Choosing to follow those irregular signs will have him land in a new world, the realm of Kimbo. After participating by hazard a royal ceremony, He will follow guidance then is welcomed by a Princess in her villa of Palasma. They are going to drink a disgusting liquid, then Alpha’s shadow will be directed inside her body to witness full alive images of past scenes, he has the role to find the magical ball of light, he perceived in homeland so she could face uncle Daddibo whom killed her Late King father, Kali.
Daddibo, never accepted his loss of crown during youth competition with Kali, he onto her now. Alpha will discover land of magical opportunities in his walks, actually all Uncle ever wanted was to rule over creatures, magic and gifted people. He lives in neighborhood of Dark Sea. The princess keeps up training to find peace and identity. At some point Daddibo landed in villa, of palasma while Mami was getting tested by gifted Kimbans whom doubt her reign already. He will announce the last challenge to end all of it, she will accept the battle. Alpha with the help of magician Jubo is going To do anything to find the starlight (ball of light), for the battle of elements. This is a story with multiple characters and their stories. The saying is ‘anything happens’ in Kimbo

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