‘A meditation instructor’ By Stefan Markovski

I went out in the park for a brisk walk with my best friend. Suddenly, I started giving meditation instructions:
– Imagine stairs in front of your physical body; more precisely, in front of your nose.
(His nose was so huge he was balancing his body weight on the ground by just breathing.)
Don’t forget to breathe.
Now imagine yourself climbing onto them and simultaneously you’re becoming more and more relaxed while the Sun envelops you with light and therefore, you’re becoming lighter. The lighter you are, the happier you feel inside.
Become conscious and laugh with your whole being to the sky. Stay like this until I come back.
Meanwhile, I went to a bank, finished some administrative work in a whorehouse, scratched my toe, won a lottery, went around the world on roller blades, returned to 4 years of age and turned into He-man, returned to a previous life form as a diploids and got back into the park.
My friend opened his eyes, noticing that I’m a diploids.
He was silent, spraying his wisdom all around.
Then he got up, suddenly stepping onto a invisible, air-made stair. The following moment he knocked himself off the ground and turned into pasta.
My allergy towards pasta and processed foods in general didn’t prevent an explosion of laughter as intensive as opening a 5-years old champagne.
– Hey – a pair of crackheads asked me, why do you laugh as intensive as opening of a 5-years old champagne?
– Hahahahahahahi!
– What type of shit’s gotten into you, dude?
– He’s been like that for a lifetime – my friend answered looking at me flying through the clouds laughing.
I’ve never seen that much disappointment combined as I did in that moment but anyhow, after clearing the sky out of clouds, the Sun appeared, so they mysteriously smiled and went away.

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