‘A Cold Day in Hell’ By Annie-Kate Bradley

This is a short story about two brothers, betrayal, and karma.

Once a millennia, Hell freezes over forming an ice bridge between this world and the next.

Fin drives across this bridge into Hell to visit his brother, Hebi. When Fin makes it back to his car to leave, he realizes he’s forgotten his keys. His only way out of Hell is right in front of him but completely out of reach. He’s painfully aware that the ice bridge is melting.

He thinks about Hebi who is trapped in Hell because Fin tricked him and ultimately trapped him. Hebi hates him for this, so he knows getting the keys back will be a challenge.

But the bridge is melting fast so he has no choice. He goes back for the keys.

Hebi murders Fin, stepping over his body and out the open door. He takes Fin’s keys, steals his car, and starts driving to the boarder.

He thinks about Fin who is dead in Hell because he tricked him and ultimately trapped him. Hebi reveals that the original crime was always his. He manipulated Fin into thinking it was his fault. Hebi knew Fin’s bleeding heart would make him visit and give Hebi an escape route.

When Hebi makes it to the boarder to leave, he realizes the bridge has already melted. His only way out of Hell is right in front of him but completely out of reach. Like the water falling from the ice, his tears fall into the magma sea. He realizes he’s truly trapped for Eternity.

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