‘a blazon ruby in the sand’ By M. Meyers

“a blazon ruby in the sand” is a science fiction/fantasy allegory for trauma. Aiyah feels disconnected from the long-cherished rituals of her people. Standing out in the sands of her home planet, Aiyah feels in her core that she was created to feel and love the chaos of life. When Aiyah comes of age for the ceremonial scalping, her hair is shaved away to reveal three scars in her skin: one for each memory that she has lost. Her culture covets these scars; it is a culture that romanticizes the beauty of pain. The scarred are “warriors”. Aiyah is not content with leaving this part of her identity buried away. She seeks out a witch who is told to unlock these buried memories with ink. Through the process, Aiyah faces some of the darkest memories locked in her mind. Her scars are turned to art, and Aiyah understands that braving the healing process is her beautiful battle.

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