‘Beyond the River’ by Osaze Iyokho

‘What’s Your Excuse, The Blind Blogger’s First Amtrak Adventure’ by The Blind Blogger

‘The Jealous Flock’ by Ashley Borodin

‘Gullible’s Travels’ by Red Silver

‘The Templar’ by Paulette Machor

‘Journey’ by Phoenix

‘A Year in Shorts’ by Mr. E.

‘No Pasa Nada’ by Brian F Smith

‘Really?! A rapist ancestor slave trader?!’ by John Q. Public

“Journey of the Gray Ponytail” by Judy Jones

In 2008 the economy plunged seemingly overnight. Judy Jones, who over a 40-year stable work history mastered three careers, was swept along in this downward spiral. Her full retirement benefits still seven years off, and her retirement nest egg tied up in her home, she suddenly found herself in a dwindling job market with rapidly […]


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