“My Blasted Destiny” by Stephen Ross

There is a young man named Allen and he is picked to sign the death oath (a contract that states that you will die for the sake of mankind but […]

“The Spirit Bottle” by Bibiana Krall

Lady’s Island is renowned for its crumbling plantations and salt marshes that stretch for miles. Gracie, an unapologetic tomboy, longs to understand her place. Everything is complicated when ye vows, […]

‘EH’DEN FALL : Book 1 of The Jason Brightday Chronicles’ by Paul Long

  Available at Amazon in Paperback and Kindle: Eh’den Fall (The Jason Brightday Chronicles) Humanity’s destiny is a fragile thing. Like the course of a river, it too can be […]

“Taking Life” by Rod Rhimes

What do an apartment manager who speaks in haiku verse, a history major who has discovered an interesting man while doing in her graduate research, and an old blind man […]

“29:16:04:59” by Joshua Johnson

When someone turns twenty-six on their birthday they disappear into the city’s center to never be seen again.  Jackson Aims is only a month away from his turning. Without a […]

“Reckless” by Zeke Kuenzi

Law. A man above the law. Lawrence is a certifiable psycho vigilante, with a penchant for justice. What is his goal?A day comes when a man becomes a soldier in […]


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