‘You’re in danger!!!: What the judicial sex offender program doesn’t want you to know’ by George Ormond

This is a unique inside look at the sex offender program, from arrest to “rehabilitation”, that exposes all the faults, lack of monitoring and unethical practices that goes on behind the public’s back, as well as how to truly protect yourself and family from so many unknown dangers. This will be the first book of […]

“Ahnera – Under Osa: Book 1” by Paige Ryker

Leaving her home planet to escape her dark past, Makamae Wikolia travels to Malten, the capital cave city of Ahnera. But her reputation precedes her and Drakon Claudian, the rebel halfbreed, invites her to the city beneath. From there, she unravels a corporate and political conspiracy that stretches throughout the system. ‘Ahnera – Under Osa: […]


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