‘Golden Legend- Lost City in the Andes’ by Oscar Luis Rigiroli

‘The Deceitful Heart’ by Robert Godfrey

‘Life is a Dream’ by Parker Wilhelm

‘Breaking The After Life’ by Tony Seger

‘Spirits of the Heart’ by Claire Gem

‘The Werewolf Next Door’ by Monique Potrzeba

‘The Fallen: Chains of Fire (Book One)’ by Monica Fowler

Since she was a kid, Marie Mitchell has been plagued with dreams of foreign lands, visions of another period in time and floating handwriting that appears from nowhere, but none of it made sense. Not until she bumped into the new guy at school, Brenton Kane, which started a chain of events that was prophesied […]

‘More Than One’ by Monica Fowler

Jamie Whitlock is a twenty year old college student from Atlanta, Georgia who wants to believe she is normal, but the nightmares she has every night suggests something different. Whenever she closes her eyes to sleep, she is taken to a place she has never been before and takes on the persona of a nefarious […]

‘When Shadows Collect…’ by Ian Brash

At this something, whatever it was; pushed the bookshelves over, they struck one another domino effect in our direction. I slammed the book shut, pocketing it. We ran to the nearest emergency exit. I can’t lie, at this point it had me wondering, what exactly does happen “When Shadows Collect…” and what do they collect… […]

‘Marijuana Heist’ by Kutlo Radipabe

“Marijuana is a useful catalyst for specific optical and aural aesthetic perceptions.” -Allen Ginsberg An animator student Oliver is content with his high life of smoking marijuana until a dry spell occurs in the beginning of the year. He stays in South Point on the heart of Braamfontein, Johannesburg where most students come to stay […]


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