“The Amazing Adventures of Amanda” by LeeAnn Nicolaus

Amanda is a young woman with Downs Syndrome striving for independence. Set in the valley of a small Pennsylvania working class town, “The Amazing Adventures of Amanda” is a chronicle of Amanda’s dysfunctional family’s struggle to survive and stay together through poverty, addictions, and tragedy. It is the story of how Amanda copes with her […]

“The Legend of Bunny” by LeeAnn Nicolaus

What happens when you’re different and coming of age in a small, poor, southern beach town on the edge of nowhere in the eighties? Bunny is tough, brash,wild, brilliant and severely dyslexic. This story spans two decades of her journey through the eyes of someone who loved her. Whether it’s perceived as a cautionary tale […]

“Bad Fiction” by Alika Young

A collection of three, potentially four stories dealing mainly with platonic relationships and reversed gender roles. The first story, The Fever Dreams of Hell Week(3985 words) recounts one heroin addict’s grueling first week of detoxification in a court ordered rehabilitation clinic. The second story, Four-Twenty (9130 words), is based on the massacre that took place […]

“Time Weaver” by Daniel Montano

Set in the Dark Ages when magic was common among humans, this story tells the tale of a young man that may be the only one with the power to face the dreaded Time Weaver.   Vote for this Book Idea Voting Status Countdown to 1,000 votes remaining 50 votes – Production self-help guide 125 […]

“Fata Morgana” by C.A. Ruel

A secret demonstration using a synthesized human to save a plague-stricken planet goes awry when the rescue ship, the Fata Morgana, disappears. One man aboard her must overcome his fear of what lies beyond the void if humanity is to survive.   Vote for this Book Idea Voting Status Countdown to 2,000 votes remaining 50 […]

“The Accident” by Pierre Herholdt

  After a weekend with his friends, Mason Henderson returns home but while on his way, his friend accidentally hit someone which also made him lose control of the car and hit a tree with the only real person who is injured is Mason.Waking up in the hospital, next to the girl they hit with […]

“Billionaire’s Love” by Elizabeth White

  A force pushed her against the wall, his body crashed into hers, her hand pushed against his chest. His chest was smooth, and his leans muscle was hard as a rock. His vibrant eyes looked at her. He leaned closer to her. She can feel his breath on her skin. He glided his tongue […]

“Game of Destiny 2” by James Fowler

From the aftermath of the Miller’s and Landsly’s that left Battlefield Missouri in shambles, a pregnant Jewish woman with her six children visits her parents in Missouri when she comes across a creepy antique shop. there, she finds the ancient board game that caused the catastrophe that claimed the lives of thousands. After playing the […]

“The Crystellian Mistress” by squita conway-jones

Just imagine being able to access a different dimension by just altering a small portion of time. First you must meet the requirements. What are these requirements you may ask, no one knows but, if you do manage to meet them by chance, you will be able to access a city or empire if you […]

“No Rest For The Wicked” by Benjamin Springston

It is a book about a wealthy playboy, Ian Brandt, who during the day fulfills others dreams by making them millions. The night however, is a different story. While he sleeps, (or thinks he is sleeping) Ian is actually committing nightmarish acts of violence against the people of Chicago.   Vote for this Book Idea […]


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