‘True Love to a Naive Heart’ by Andi Lutz

‘The God of Next Moment’ by Jamaluddin Jamali

“The Demon Farer” by Ben Bamber

Richard Renik is the young son of a multi-millionaire weapons manufacturer. After what seems like a tragic accident Richard’s father dies, leaving him with his pill-popping, alcoholic mother; a victim of her husbands’ violence, since they married. Everyone agreed that his father’s death was an accident, apart from one rookie detective. Ten years later when […]

“A Broom At The Masthead” by M J Logue

Somewhere between “Forever Amber” and “The Thin Man”, ” A Broom At The Masthead” is a pacy, racy romp set in Restoration London, featuring the husband and wife detective combination of Major Thankful Russell and his young wife Thomazine. Two years ago, whilst Thankful was involved in secret diplomatic missions for the King, someone murdered […]

“O Negative” by Ricky Allen

“I was not cattle. I will not be treated like so. The donor line was getting longer and longer as I looked from a distance. I was going to be here all day, and any thought of seeing Paul in the evening was out the window. I hated the new laws. I felt they invaded […]

“Stolen” by Haley Sulich

It’s always been the same: a burning city, gunfire, and death. Jadelyn’s nightmare has never changed. She knows there must be a connection between the terrors night brings and the underground city, Enmity, that forbids love. Jadelyn has lived in Enmity for as long as she can remember, but it isn’t enough to prove her […]

“Moirae” by Mehreen Ahmed

Following the stream of consciousness technique and embedded in dream allegory, Moirae depicts human predicament exploring notions of fate and religion. Taken from a fantasy land in a parallel world with two moons, called the Lost Winds, this story is about human oppression under a tyrannical regime which calls itself democratic. To flee persecution, people […]

“The Crystellian Mistress” by squita conway-jones

Just imagine being able to access a different dimension by just altering a small portion of time. First you must meet the requirements. What are these requirements you may ask, no one knows but, if you do manage to meet them by chance, you will be able to access a city or empire if you […]

“Sealed” by Christian Lee

If you shot yourself in the head, you would die, right? What if you shot yourself then came back to life just a minute or two later? That’s what happens to Ashton Thorn in Sealed. While still lying in the muck that resulted from shooting himself, Ashton learns from his grandfather, who seems at that […]


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