“A DRESS THE COLOR OF THE SKY” by Jennifer Irwin

“The Tainted Dead” by Crystal Zunke

The apocalypse has arrived and the human population is scarce. Not only are the zombies after the human race but the existence of vampires being revealed before the apocalypse happens also doesn’t help the population. Ana-marie is a rogue vampire who wanders the earth defeating zombies and helping lost humans find a safe house. Little […]

“Departure Lounge” by Yolande Barker

When Claire Ramonos decides to run out on her own wedding she knew the fallout would be detrimental. The high society pages will write about it for years to come and on top of that the ultimate shame it will bring her family. Nevertheless Claire saw her window of opportunity and she seized it. The […]

“Broken Constellations” by Kendell White

Tim Blackwiedler, a senior at Brown High School, is used to being bullied. It’s really nothing new to him. Every since his father walked out of Tim’s school play in sixth grade and never returned, he has been the butt of constant ridicule. Bullied on social media and even worse in between classes, he is […]

“Into The Woods” by Carla Godfrey

Due to a terrible accident that happened years ago, Karen and her cousin have never been close. Now their rivalry looks set to rise again when Karen returns to visit her aunt & uncle…Only this time, the stakes are higher…MUCH higher.   Vote for this Book Idea Voting Status Countdown to 1,000 votes remaining 50 […]

“Living on Cape Clear Island, Irish speaking, population 80” by Simon Cocking

We’re going to live on an Irish speaking island off Baltimore, the most southerly point of Ireland.  We’re leaving Dublin suburban life, to do something completely different.  We taking photos of it all, https://sarahpaddleswim.wordpress.com/2015/04/03/room-with-a-view-cape-clear/ and will describe our experiences over the next 12 months.   https://soopllc.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=5263&action=edit&doing_wp_cron=1441724211.1935789585113525390625 Vote for this Book Idea Voting Status Countdown to […]

“Feral But Domesticated” by Chris Love

A book about a young boy who is fatherless, and visits his mother in jail every week. A boy who raised himself off of food stamps and Kool-Aid to become the first in his family to get a college degree. To work alongside both President’s Bush and Obama and to travel around the world giving […]

“The Amazing Adventures of Amanda” by LeeAnn Nicolaus

Amanda is a young woman with Downs Syndrome striving for independence. Set in the valley of a small Pennsylvania working class town, “The Amazing Adventures of Amanda” is a chronicle of Amanda’s dysfunctional family’s struggle to survive and stay together through poverty, addictions, and tragedy. It is the story of how Amanda copes with her […]

“The Legend of Bunny” by LeeAnn Nicolaus

What happens when you’re different and coming of age in a small, poor, southern beach town on the edge of nowhere in the eighties? Bunny is tough, brash,wild, brilliant and severely dyslexic. This story spans two decades of her journey through the eyes of someone who loved her. Whether it’s perceived as a cautionary tale […]

“The Guardian Program” by Cassiopeia Lancaster

Distrustful and detach psychologist, Katherine Hayley Bellerose starts to juggle handing the guardian program, and for the first time being a guardian to Jade and learning to trust a former lover who betrayed her for another woman eight years ago and who also happens to be Jade’s adopted father. Arrogant and know-it-all CEO Archival Davide […]


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