‘The Broken Road: The true story of 10 years of abuse’ By Stephanie Bradshaw

‘All The Way To Santa Fe’ By Jackie Ferrell

‘Coloring Life: The Experience of Learning Lessons from Losing the People We Love the Most’ By Alise Cortez

‘Dancing in the Ring’ By Susan Sage

‘ Being Bullied’ By Simon Morrell

‘My Fight with Covid’ By Tangina Ann

‘Anecdotes, From an Unexpected Source’ By Richard Saxbee

‘COFFEE-Count On Feet Finding Endless Excitement Excitement in Seattled Senseless’ By Featherz Oomph

‘Those Giants … and Me (The Most Exciting Challenges in Physics)’ By Moh Tamimi

‘VICTIMTOWN: An Unavoidable Destination and the Gifts it Offers’ By Liz Long


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