‘Healthcare: Behind the Scenes A Nurse’s Story’ by M.L. Beach

‘Unhappy Endings’ by Tara Shannon

‘How to Cook a Yogi: A Cookbook about Yoga’ by Bix Santana

‘Disorderly Life: Living with and Recovering from PTSD’ by Denita Stevens

‘Shitty Coffee Diary’ by Stephanie Zieman

‘Your Muscular Potential: Understanding Your Genetic Limitations’ by Matt Simpson

‘From Cannibal to Diabetic’ by Verona Lucas

‘The Chubby Trilogy – Chubby Chasers – Chance Chasers – Challenge Chasers’ by Kat Hibbard

‘I think I took a wrong turn’ by Misty Baumgrotz

‘Give Up Hope And Take Up Smoking: Living Well With A Chronic Condition’ by Keith Kahn-Harris


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