‘When the Sun Meets the East’ By Alexa Knoll

Nestled in the quaint lake side town of North Hero, Vermont a young college student Emma Astoux falls in love with a mysterious young man named James Wetten whose family’s history holds a wild and supernatural secret. Following the death of her mother, Emma begins her junior year at University of Vermont. Haunted by the memories of her mother, and the forest on her lake front Victorian home. Emma begins to untangle hidden messages from her dreams and memories of her childhood that directly impact her new found relationship with James. Emma discovers that James is a Sasquatch, and that his family has a deeply rooted history on Lake Champlain. As Emma is quickly swept off her feet by James, he invites her to the Toltec Meeting. Hidden deep in the Black Forest, Emma joins James to the ten year clan tournament. A whole new world is undiscovered as she meets all types
of Sasquatches.

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