‘What’s Beyond the Clouds’ by C. Fulsty

Young Mickey helps his mother take care of their sick father. One morning, Mickey goes up to his room after helping serve breakfast to his father. While in his room, he is playing with his toys when he sees a man outside standing on a cloud. Not knowing how he got there or who he is, Mickey is determined to find a way to find answers to those questions. He runs outside (after putting his boots and coat on first, of course) he decides to try a few crazy ways of getting up onto the cloud, like tying a string to a bow and shooting it up towards the cloud, and blowing up 100 balloons to ride into the clouds. After none of his ideas work, a thunderstorm begins. Before Mickey can go inside, a lightning bolt strikes right next to him and he accidentally grabs it, turning it into a solid lightning bolt, or like Mickey says, “It’s like it’s frozen.” Mickey begins trying to climb the zig-zags up to the cloud, like climbing stairs. He gets up to the cloud and speaks with the man he saw up on the cloud. The man tells Mickey all about how when you “pass on” you appear on top of a cloud, then you wait to be shot off into space where you can fly anywhere you like. There is only one catch though, you can never come back to Earth. Mickey runs home, only to find out that his dad has “passed on.”

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