‘The Vipharan’s Visit’ by Rohini Singh

The time for a cultural visit from thirteen year old Moob Optuk of the planet Viphara, located at the opposite end of the Zaphor galaxy turns out to be quite disappointing. Anomar is struggling to hold Moob’s attention and he feels like all his efforts to share Chyspah’s cultural experience are not very successful. Moob is also rude to Daniel and Benardo, Anomar’s best friends. To make matters worse, strange occurrences begins on Chyspah. Water starts evaporating at an alarming rate, crimes by teens are on the increase and the helpers on the planet develop difficulty with using their powers. Time is frozen and not even the king of the Upper World is triumphant in releasing the hold on time. Having special jewellery from the king, Anomar, Daniel and Benardo are unaffected by frozen time. They detect the cause of the time freeze and face great danger in locking time. What the these boys discover leads to the disappearance of Anomar.

The Vipharan's Visit

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