‘Viaura and The Opus of Destiny’ by ATB Williams

With a cosmic blend of science and magic, Viaura and The Opus of Destiny forces you to say goodbye to everything you were ever taught to believe about humankind’s origins. In fact, even the very fabric of our existence and our place in the Universe will be challenged. Viaura and The Opus of Destiny poses that all important question; “What role does destiny play in our lives?” Some say, “Our destiny is etched in stone.” While others believe, “We make our own destiny.” If we in fact do make our own destiny, I believe that most of us would agree that we need a better recipe. However, if our destiny truly is etched in stone, the real question is; “Who is doing the etching?” At the dawn of humankind when our race had barely begun to separate ourselves from the lower species of our planet, even then we were not alone. We fast forward to present day Earth and after thousands of years of speculation and research, we are still no closer to knowing the real truth of our place in the Universe. We as a race have spent billions of dollars and countless decades in the pursuit of the truth that we are not alone. The uncovering of this truth may make us realize that sometimes, it is better not to know.

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