‘The Unsure Male’ by jt

All that makes us greatly uncomfortable, like the scourge of extremism and its repercussions, is easily understandable, if one is to read the fundamental nature of life, a little differently: — Mating, an indispensable part of evolution, actually consist of three parts, pre-union preparation, union proper or the exchange of gametes, and the post union unrest. The male always is reluctant to participate in this pairing, due to the loud and clear anti-male ambience of post union stage. Therefore nature has to forcibly bring the male to the mating arena, circumventing the reluctance with the help of a dedicated season and other endearments through the female. — The only escape from the dreadfulness experienced during the post union stage of every instance of mating, is to evolve to next species. — New species therefore evolve, with more and more opportunities of allaying this dreadfulness, which amazes us by showing an “increase in complexity, as evolution moves ahead” — In the case of the final species of life, man, the escape route is a two forked approach. One is to stretch, whatever may be of interest to him, to its limits and immerse in it. Which is the origin of all forms of extremism, including the few that are a grave threat to happy living, and the many that are.

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