“UNLOCKED” by Shane Browning

UNLOCKED is the story of an exciting and tumultuous year in which one family endures two forms of cancer, three car wrecks, and a series of seizures. They wrestle with unemployment, unexplained infertility, a marriage in crisis, and spiritual disillusionment. Throughout this year, they learn the importance of community, family and friendship.Their story is often sobering and sometimes miraculous. It is about pain, loss, and love. It is a personal journey that addresses our need to belong, our search for meaning, and the power of hope in the midst of a life turned upside-down.While this book is about one incredible year in the life of a single family, it is a guide for anyone wanting to uncover the secrets of life. We all belong here. There is a purpose for it all. And there is a hope worth clinging to. So open the book and begin your personal discovery of the 7-kEys to living a life that is truly UNLOCKED.  unlocked
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