‘Unearthing Utopia (tentative)’ By Dhara Parekh

The year is 2125. It is tragic getting your Earth visa stolen before you even land on Earth’s
spaceport, but there is no greater tragedy than having your lifelong dream shattered and getting
deported back to the only home you’ve known- an asteroid called Zenith. Lyra is an introspective
and detached citizen of the said asteroid, an almost utopian nation colonized by humans in the
2050s. As an asexual individualist prisoned in a traditional, collectivist society, she wants to
escape her restrictive life and move to Earth even though the planet has turned into an
authoritarian superpower. In doing so, her path crosses Aryabh, an ingenious, self-serving hacker
from Earth who has spent his entire life with a tunnel vision of doing just the opposite, escape
the tyrannical Earth and settle on Zenith. To achieve that, he is ready to do just about anything,
including con and use Lyra.

Desperate and lonely, and having immigration to a different land as their only goal, both Lyra and Aryabh face their fears, fight their demons, question the status quo, and explore their individual societies. In their chaotic lives, their only solace is their evolving friendship with each other.

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