‘Two Boring Twin Brothers’ by Katelyn Halko

TWINS!! Aren’t they cute? Aren’t they special? They sure are…unless you’re the older sibling. With the phenomenon of twins growing all over the world, many first born children are NOT sharing in the delight of these adorable additions. Follow along with this big brother as he discovers over a year that maybe having two siblings at a time isn’t so bad.

Based on a true account of my own three boys, we struggled with growing our family from 3 of us to suddenly 5. While twins can be overwhelming for any parent, the life change is often overlooked for the kids are becoming big brothers or sisters for the first time. Unfortunately, they often feel displaced by the uniqueness of twins.

This book is for the older siblings to twins – to pay tribute to, to help with the transition, and to enjoy their new life as a big sibling to two little ones!

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