Taking human beings through what they are missing within all their human holy books, from the beginning, to the end, from evolution, to creationism, to human beings above and below, from jesus, the christ, and his wife and three children, and the bloodline they continued, which is still alive upon this planet today, to where human beings, animals and vegetation came from, and much, much more 🙂 yet this book, will blow the minds of those who read it, with billions rejecting the words within, and the truth being revealed, yet none can deny, they came from a father and mother, as did their parents, right back to? i am guided by the mystery which appeared in revelation, the woman clothed by the sun, with the moon at her feet, and a crown of twelve stairs upon her head 🙂 i also have many spirits who converse with me, in many ways, who teach me ancient wisdom and knowledge 🙂 you can read some of my writings at aunidan.blogspot.com, and twitter.com/@aunidan64 whether some publishing company gives me a deal, or whether i publish myself, this book, and those that follow will see 🙂 best wishes aunidan christi</p>

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