‘A Trip to the Store – How to choose and enjoy nutritious foods’ by Florentina Marcu

“A Trip to the Store” is a story about two girls who go to the store with their mom to pick a variety of real foods — foods that grow in nature — and participate in preparing a delicious dinner. The story teaches children how to navigate a supermarket in search of real, nutritious foods; how to interpret labels on packaged foods; and how to make informed buying decisions that avoid highly processed foods.

As the girls and their mom make their way around the supermarket and then prepare dinner together, children learn the difference between refined and whole grain; what to look for when checking ingredient labels; and how to avoid having too much sugar, while still enjoying delicious desserts.

Florentina Marcu, an integrative nutrition health coach and mom, believes that Mother Nature knows best when it comes to the foods we eat. Involving children in choosing and preparing nutritious meals and guiding them in creating their own version of a grocery list helps children to grow healthy and strong and empowers them with skills that will serve them throughout their entire lives.

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