‘Treachery of king’ by AK R

Once upon a time in a faraway world called Azrar a mighty king laison olander lived in a heavenly palace although he had everything precious like enormous wealth, loyal populace and a shining castle but not love, one day coincidentally he met with a glimmering lady Agnes merilian who later became his wife and gave birth to their daughter Amira but unfortunately Agnes became sterile for the another child. King in reality was spoiled and greedy therefore he betrayed Agnes for a baby boy, he tried to kill Amira with vendom and Olivian because he never desired a girl for a dominion that’s why Agnes cursed them and transformed them into three deadly beasts and died, but baby Amira kept imprisoned by them waiting for a guardian who would free her from the captivity of beasts. 80 years later a despair boy Henry who lives in Boston with his sister suddenly die and finds himself transported in Azrar to remove the curse, enigmatically Azrar was filled with magical creatures like wizards, goblins and cursed winds. Later Henry learns that he is not the chosen one but vilian Elton forcefully will send him into the castle instead of kill him. Can Henry make the task of curse whereas he is not the one or will die there, can he ever return back for his sister or will stuck in Azrar forever?

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