‘The Virtues ‘ By Luciana Campiglia

Bangranstens Academy of Philosophers. Or more commonly called B.A.P. Was at some point a place for the greater good. The most important philosophers would bring their teachings and pass them on to the younger minds. Generation to generation till it came up to teaching every single aspect of life.

Now the faces of those great teachers are plastered as sculptures on the halls, its teachings printed on textbooks and they are exhibited on the wall. Their grace will always resemble the elegance of the marble flooring and modeled columns. But at its core, the Academy was broken and no longer kept the greatness it once had.

Snobby and foolish kids roam the halls without a single care of what is to teach, or at least for the most part. While the teachers come for the bigger salary that more fortunate families are able to give.

But why? Where did this place lose itself?

The reason for this hides inside the walls and in the incomprehensible concept that it is time. Because if the students were more careful and opened their eyes just enough to see through the past they would have lived through those big noisy doors at the start of term. But of course, they didn’t.

Because there are things that can’t be forgotten. And the Bangrastens Academy tradition doesn’t see

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