‘The Shadow in the Picture’ By Claudia Wysocky

“The Shadow in the Picture” is a gripping psychological thriller set in a haunting psychiatric facility in 1986. The story begins with the enigmatic patient Iris, and her compassionate caretaker, Mary, whose dedication to the mentally afflicted sets the stage for a series of unsettling events. Dr. Nowak, a close friend of Mary’s, becomes involved as more characters, including the new patient Anne from Germany, emerge. As the narrative unfolds, Mary’s sanity begins to unravel, leading to disturbing dreams and a descent into a dark abyss. Dr. Rosen, introduced as another colleague, reveals sinister intentions that add to the chaos within the facility. Iris and the other characters also struggle within the malevolent atmosphere, with their grip on reality slipping away. Mary and Dr. Nowak’s determination to unearth the truth behind Anne’s murder leads to a shocking confession and a swift but unexpected resolution. The story takes a dramatic turn as Mary’s fate becomes intertwined with the mysterious cottage from her dreams, ultimately revealing a startling truth about her own mental state.

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