‘The Monk’ By Maya Berlyavsky

The man lay on the warm sand in his clothes. The ocean waves hit him, caressing his skin, like a mother. The salt of salt hurt the wounds and bruises on his face and body.
He saw her in front of him. Her blue eyes showed tears. Her long blond hair danced in the wind. She reached for him.
His vision blurred and he was about to lose consciousness.
A figure approached him. Looking back for a moment, he noticed the image of a young, bare-headed monk wearing an orange robe.
He lost consciousness.
His consciousness returned, but he still felt dizzy. The monk gave him some water. Helped him to get up slowly. He told him to come with him.
As he leaned on the monk, the monk led him toward the temple, his new home.
He mentions that in his former life, he and his wife were fighting every day and he had a lover. An other woman. When his wife found out he had betrayed her, she threw him out of the house.
He went to India in search of himself.
He meditated in the Himalayas, lived in a cave and fed on plants and snakes for about 600 years.
In his past, He read philosophy and spirituality books in a long search of himself. He tried to understand why things were like they were and what he had done that he deserve all that.

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