‘The Energy of Cancer – Unlocking Cancer’s Emotional Code’ By Desiree Brazelton

What happens in our emotional and mental selves manifests in our physical body. We can see this in simple examples such as bouts of anger that leave us shaking and warm. Anxiety can arrive as a tightness in the chest or slight palpitations. But what happens when the emotion is not acute but chronic and life long? It manifests itself within our cells as chronic disease.

I have found that in my work with patients over the past twelve years, cancer patients have some very specific emotional hurts and behavioral patterns. I believe that if these patterns are addressed before the physical cells begin to change, cancer can be averted. Some of these patterns mimic what’s actually happening within the physical cell and some don’t have such a distinct link but most of the people that I’ve encountered who have a cancer diagnosis, identify with these patterns of behavior, these ways of being.

Let me be crystal clear that if these patterns or feelings describe you and you have had a cancer diagnosis, you are not to blame. I am not suggesting that because of the way you are or who you are, that you got cancer. As a cancer survivor myself, I know that there is nothing worthwhile about placing blame on the patient for their own disease. I am suggesting, however, that there are ways

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