‘The elementals; Fire’ By Chelsea Bradley

Layla’s always had a fiery attitude, so what happens when something new begins to happen inside her that physically matches it?

Desperate to keep her new found ability under wraps, she struggles to try and balance her mind and body, and adjust to her new life. It’s especially hard when three new comers enter her life and really test her patience.

“Luka what do you want? Can’t you see you’ve already made me angry enough? Are you wanting for me to hit you or something?” He looked almost as frustrated as I felt, what did he have to feel like that?

“You don’t understand Layla, nothing’s working” I shot him a look, what does he mean nothing is working?

“You’re literally trying to make me mad on purpose, why?”

“Because I want to help, but I need to make sure you’re the right person” We stood silent for a few seconds, before the first part of his sentence registered in my head and I responded to it.

“I don’t need your help, I don’t need any of your help” Luka snapped his head towards me, and a small laugh escaped from from his mouth.

“Trust me, you do”

Layla is thrust into a new life consisting of pain, love and betrayal, and no matter how hard she tries, she won’t ever be able to escape.

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