‘The Crimson Deathbringer’ By Sean Robins

The Akakies, a technologically advanced species known as “the Galaxy’s Pranksters” are attacked by the Xortaags, a military race bent on conquering the universe. The Akakies’ chief strategist and legendary prankster Tarq manipulates the Xortaags into attacking Earth instead of his home planet, then comes to Earth and has a military base filled with advanced weapons built to help the humans defeat the invaders.
Meanwhile on Earth, Jim, a wise-cracking, movie-quoting, OCD-suffering fighter pilot with an infuriating ability to take nothing seriously is about to propose to his girlfriend Liz, an acrobatic pilot, when his childhood friend Kurt shows up in his house, covered in blood. Kurt is the leader of the Resistance fighting a brutal dictatorship ruling Earth. Jim and Liz patch Kurt up, but the security forces attack Jim’s house the next day.
Tarq saves Jim, Kurt and Liz, and he puts them in charge of the base, which they call Winterfell. The Xortaags attack earth, killing 700 million humans. Now it’s up to our heroes to save humanity, but the enemy has four times as many ships as they do. Moreover, it often seems like Jim and the others have to spend half of their energy defending themselves against Tarq’s pranks.

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