‘Symphony of Wisdom – How to Think Yourself Lucky’ by Tabitha Hergest

My book is not “another one of those Law of Attraction books”. True, it does deal with Law of Attraction ideas – but it goes farther than that. You see, most of the books I’ve read on the subject are fine as far as they go: they deal with the “what” of Law of Attraction, and some effectively with the “how”. But they always leave one bit out – the “why”: why Law of Attraction is so powerful, why it is certain to work and why science backs every one of the claims made by the book through things like quantum theory, morphic field theory and epigenetics, as well as the musings of individual geniuses like Tesla and Einstein. But it also brings in the esoteric teachings of religion, with musings on the hidden meanings thereof, muddied through Chinese whispered re-tellings and countless mistranslations of mistranslations. The object is to bring everyone who wants to achieve something worthwhile in their lives into a space of confidence, where they know without question that they can achieve what they set out to do, within the obvious parameters of physical ability, of course. It enables them to own that knowledge, internalise it and allow that internalisation to drive them toward their goal.

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