“The Supernutrients Diet” by Natalie Minnis

Dieting is often summed up in a simple equation: fewer calories equals greater weight loss. Eat less; exercise more. Simple.The reality, as many dieters find out, is rarely so simple. When we reduce our food intake, we experience cravings. Our metabolism is disrupted. The body has a tendency to store fat if it thinks a period of starvation might be imminent. In the long run, diets can actually make you fat. The Supernutrients Diet flips this approach on its head. The focus is on learning how to eat, rather than how not to eat. The Supernutrients Diet actively works to increase the intake of vital nutrients, which is what the body is really craving when we feel hungry. As a result, our mood improves, our sleep patterns improve and our health improves. Calorie reduction then happens naturally, almost effortlessly. The key is to eat enough of the right foods – mainly fresh raw fruit and vegetables. That might sound like a chore to some people, but The Supernutrients Diet describes how to make it an enjoyable and convenient experience, with a sample week’s eating plan and some recipes to get you started. When you eat enough of the right kind of food, it leaves little room for processed junk food. Your hunger is satisfied because the body has the vital nutrients it needs. That means you don’t have to work at cutting out your favourite comfort foods. You can still enjoy them, but you’ll soon find that you want them less often and in smaller amounts. And you’ll learn to love the taste of healthy, nutrient-rich food. Your figure will soon start to shape up, and your energy levels are likely to soar. You could end up feeling so good that you’ll continue to eat this way – out of choice. SOOP Note: This title is already available as an e-book, but the author is seeking to develop interest in a print version.   The Supernutrients Diet cover
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