‘Why I stayed clean and the rest relapsed’ by John Fulkerson

How I got 33 years clean in NA while all of my peers relapsed and most died. Subtle tricks of staying clean in recovery that never come up in the meetings. What set me apart for the others. How my program is different and why they ll relapsed. From the deadly consequences of anti depressants ( I have only seen 7 stay clean long term) to having a backup car to finding the best meetings to go to. Things that are sure death for us. How joining various clubs such as car clubs, clock clubs, radio clubs provide that fun in recovery and keep it from getting boring. Creating a meeting schedule that serves you, helping people in recovery to connect with them When to share and when to listen. When to stay home and clean the frig and when to run to a meeting. How to fall out of love with the drugs. Relationship, phone cll protocol, the right service (cleaning the club bathroom is alway a lifesaver), when to do H and I and when to walk away. Its all these little tricks that form the fabric of a strong recovery program. Most people simply don’t analyze it and go back out never knowing why. The drug epidemic and how recovery operates very effectively in family units. What to do when your kid will not stop.

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