‘By Starlight or Roses’ by Becky Hosey

Roses. It was always the scent of roses that awoke me from my dreams and lead me down the hallway. It lead me to the same locked door, the same room that I had never been able to enter, and the same frustration and the same questions that were always burning in the back of my mind and floating around my dreams. Sometimes I can see the petals from the flowers as they spiraled down, down, down to the ground where they soundlessly landed. Each petal on the floor represented an unanswered questions and each question blossomed into another mystery. The sweet scent of roses tickled my nose, crept into my brain, and set my curiosity on fire. *** The key was slowly inserted into the lock and a click was heard as the key was turned to the right. Click She tentatively placed her hand on the door knob and felt a tingle vibrating from the knob and running through her fingers and up her arm. The knob slowly turned and she pushed the door open. Inch by inch the door opened and revealed more and more of the room. The sunlight shined through the window and flooded around the curtains and a half inch between the shade and bottom of the window sill. The door frame felt like it was a barrier or a portal to another dimension and she hesitated to cross over for fear of not being able to return.

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