“STAGES: An Experiential Guide for Theatre Fundamentals” by Mindy Early

STAGES: An Experiential Guide for Theatre Fundamentals is a collection of games and exercises that allow participants to explore five major facets of theatre-making in a fun, pressure-free group setting. Geared toward enhancing learning through hands-on exploration, each activity includes: – Clear instructions on how to facilitate the exercise; – Variations which help facilitators add additional challenges to the game, adjust for age/experience levels, or tailor the exercise to a particular goal; – And follow-up questions for participants to reflect on their experiences and engage in respectful critique with their peers. This detailed format makes this an invaluable resource for work with thespians from beginner to advanced, from ages 12 to 112.More than just a book of acting and ensemble games, this guide cultivates the creative voices of playwrights, actors, directors, and designers alike. The chapters, or “stages” of this book are organized to be a walk-through of the page to staging process, beginning with warm-ups and ensemble building. If followed in order, participants can use their playwriting work in the acting, directing, and design chapters that follow. Or, groups can work on the stages in any order they choose using the sample texts provided with each activity. Additional chapters address topics such as fostering a safe environment for creative risk, and how to scaffold and adjust activities for use with younger students. Finally, the appendix of STAGES includes several “Idea Banks” that are a facilitator’s go-to guide of settings, characters, objects and more.This book is a must-have for teachers, teaching artists, student theatre troupes, and theatre professionals looking for an engaging and well-rounded means to explore theatre. Each activity has been carefully crafted and tested during over ten years of experience working with artists of all age levels, backgrounds, and abilities. In the creation of each activity, careful consideration went into building a safe environment where participants are set up for success, with the ultimate goal of fostering innovative artists comfortable with taking risks and making bold choices. As such, the exercises in this book can support curriculum in the classroom or enhance the rehearsal process with equal success. T1_red
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